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Heal & Relax is designed to help you relax and unwind with a unique environment of luxury that uptown has never seen. Whether you like Swedish or deep tissue massages, we’ve got you covered. Our therapists all have a unique style that will make you feel like you’ve landed in paradise.

Work in an Office? This one is for you! Let us set up a chair massage event for your company! We have a team of experts to educate your employees as we take them through a range of stretches and massages according to everyone’s individual needs.

The "Fluffy Muscle"

Looking to relax? Heal & Relax's fluffy massage (compared to a Swedish massage) combines therapeutic & relaxing touch to alleviate sore muscles and rejuvenate blood flow.

The "Grumpy Muscle"

Need a little more muscle behind your massage? Let Heal & Relax customize a Deep Tissue massage for those stubborn problem areas.

The Stone & Heat Whisperer

For the ultimate relaxing experience, our certified therapist uses hot stones to move along the body in all fluidity. Let the heat in our stones whisper you to sleep or pick one of our other truly innovative modalities to pick you up & get you on your feet.

Lil Bo Peep Prenatal

Being different is what we strive to be with client care being #1. As the body is going through this change, it's inevitable to have some discomfort. Let's put you in a solutional situation for both you and your baby.

  • 1.       $35/month - includes 1 30 minute massage/month
  • 2.       $65/month - includes 1 60 minute massage, same price for any massage after that (during that month)
  • 3.       $75/month - includes 1 60 minute massage, freedom to cancel after 4 months

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Open up your day to a world of relaxation and bliss..   Let it take you away .. come relax and just be you..you deserve it. Complete touch, different atmosphere.

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